Tuesday, October 26, 2010

কুকুর ( A DoG)

থমকে দাড়ালো এক পথিক |
হাত থেকে খাবার ছীনে নিতে চাইলোনা |
আমি তো ভাবতাম ডাস্টবিনের অধিকারে -
খন্ড যুধ করা ওর পেশা |

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A fateful night and a beggar

A beggar on a dazzling moonlit night

Decieded to leave the busy foot path,

His adobe.

Place, he was always deprived of his right:

to live.

Curious! purplexed, if a jungle can assimilate him

Can he come out of his lingering grim,

That kills him every day.

It was a fateful night, he crossed the highway

down the small lane, crossing the barbed fence,

Agony in his heart blown away by the strong breeze,

With the sober smell of wild flowers, Spell bound he was,

A fateful night, he striped off his frustration,

only to meet with his destiny.

A wild beast brought the curtain down of his show; finally.

He neither heard the claps nor any one to groan.
PS: Photo prop of the respective artists

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


शिद्दत से मिलेहो गम इस ज़िंदेगी में |
तन्हा एकएले लुफ्थ उठाटें हैं|
कभी हम ग़म कॅभी ज़िंदेगी को आज़मातें है|