Sunday, September 04, 2011

So Possessive About Dream!

I always wanted to come back to the dreams I have seen before. Some of those are good, some of them even better. I have always seen myself in that setup as if it was pre destined, and I am acting as per the script of my dream. For some of those dreams I could, walk extra miles to make it materialized. And some are inseparable from my existence.

Some of those pinch for not standing a chance to get realized. Those were no different from the dreams I cuddle now. They, at least some of them were closest to my heart. Now, it is time - I move on.

I may start dreaming or may not. But for sure my sweet dreams will never be considered by me as nightmares. Just that those did not work out for me. I am puzzled still trying to figure out the way to go.. But I am sure I need to keep moving.

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